A vast amount of experience and know-how accumulated.
The Country Suspension Series, the identity of 4X4 Engineering.

  • Country Suspension Kit
    Country Suspension Kit

    A convenient kit of standard parts for each car model. The country suspension will overwhelmingly increase the potential of your car.

  • Country suspension coil leaf
    Country Suspension Coil Leaf

    A tough and simple country suspension coil and leaf that can withstand any situation. We have also secured part numbers for older models.

  • Country Suspension shock absorber
    Country Suspension Shock Absorber

    "Country Suspension" shocks are designed to provide shock-absorbing performance for off-road use as well as ride comfort for on-road use. A wide variety of models with damping adjustment mechanisms are also available.


    We have applied our expertise in country suspension This is the latest version of our SUV-specific tuning. Scheduled for release in spring 2022.

  • alshackle

    Optimized leaf spring mounting position.

  • Stabilizer related parts
    Stabilizer Parts

    A full lineup of stabilizer-related parts to suppress alignment changes.

  • Country Suspension Parts
    Country Suspension Parts

    4x4 Engineering's fine parts series to further enhance the driving performance of your 4WD. Some products are also available online.