History of 4×4HISTORY


History of 4×4 Engineering Services



Nobuhiro Matsumoto founded Matsumoto Auto Car Company on August 19th, 1973 with his FJ45V, which was the first time he got involved in four wheel drive racing.


The first Jeep Jamboree was held in Japan(Inatori, Izu). At the time, 4WDs were mainly jeeps and had a strong military image.

M151 and Matsumoto (left) at the first Jeep Jamboree.

The 1st Paris-Dakar Rally (Oasis Rally) was held on January.


BRADLEY business launched. The name "BRADLEY" comes from Omar Nelson Bradley, a famous American field commander during the Great War. Similarly, the American army's M2 infantry battle tanks were given the nickname BRADLEY.


Appearance of the BRADLEY-01 and BRADLEY-03 (cast 3-piece wheel). The multi-piece wheel, which was beginning to become popular in the US at the time, was used early on.

The Toyota Hilux Surf (N60 series) was launched.


The forged three-piece BRADLEY-05 is now available. A round hole is adopted for the discs. Available in 7 colors. In the same year, the BRADLEY-08, the first 1-piece wheel is launched. Low-pressure casting is used in manufacturing method for this 8-spoke design.


Forged 3-piece disc wheel, BRADLEY-02 was launched.

Nissan Terrano (WD21 series) was put on the market.


BRADLEY-02 is now on sale. Forged 3-piece disc wheel. This model is the first genuine parts used by a car maker and was officially installed on Isuzu Big Horn.

Won the 9th Paris-Dakar Telefunken (Paris-Algiers-Dakar Terephunken) in the modified diesel class with Team ACP (Santa Maria Maria Novella, Santa Barbara) Land Cruiser BJ71V. Finished 19th overall.

In December of the same year, the BRADLEY-V, which would later become the standard model for 4WD wheels, appeared. Lightweight, five-spoke, cast one-piece, 16-inch wheels were at the forefront of specifications at the time.

The BRADLEY-V was developed as the next generation of competitive wheels for victory, and the name V comes from Victory

4x4 Engineering Service was in charge of building two "Team Aoyagi-Osaka" cars for the Paridaca race. Production Car Modified Diesel Class champion: 37th and 40th overall. At this time, the "Country Suspension Dakar Special" and the "Big Country" (commercially available) were installed on the car.

The Toyota Land Cruiser (80 series) was launched.

The Toyota Hilux Surf (N130 series) was released.


The Paridaka "TEAM BRADLEY-ON AIR" is equipped with BRADLEY-V and many other 4x4 engineering service parts.

OFF-ROAD SPORTS, a cast two-piece wheel, is now available.


BRADLEY-IX was launched. The 17 inch size is available sooner than later. It is a full forged 2 pieces structure (3 pieces for 17 inches). Dealer option is available for the Land Cruiser 80, 90 Prado and Hilux Surf.

The Isuzu Bighorn (2nd generation) was released.


Introduction of BRADLEY-K2 and BRADLEY-K5. Forged disc 3-piece construction.

Launch of BRADLEY-Vogue, the rim-cut version of BRADLEY-V


BRADLEY-IX, Toyota's first Japanese aftermarket wheel, is available as a dealer option on the Land Cruiser 80 and the Hilux Surf.

BRDLEY Ziel was released. Cast 3-piece wheel.

The BRADLEY-VX, a one-piece model that used the latest wheel manufacturing method, the "squeeze process," was released. This wheel was used on the RAV4 as a dealer option.

Off Performer, a new series of wheels from 4x4 Engineering Services, launched. Forged 3-piece wheel.


The new BRADLEY series and other new wheels are being released one after another.
BRADLEY-VR (Disc Forged 3 Piece Wheel).
BRADLEY-STEALTH (Disc Forged 3 Piece Wheel).
BRADLEY-MX (Disc Forged 3 Piece Wheel).
Off Performer Urb (full forged two-piece wheels).
Off Performer RS (cast 1-piece wheel).

He participated in the "Russian Rally" and developed and tested various parts. Since then, he has participated in this rally every year until 2001.

BRADLEY-V Isuzu Big Horn with a line attachment.


BRADLEY-VZ (Squeeze process 6-spoke 1 piece wheel) is released. Installed on Nissan Terrano (R50 series) Limited.

The Japanese Terrano (R50 series) was put on the market.

BRADLEY-VX is mounted on the line on the Nippon Terrano-O-Tech version.

BRADLEY-IX is available as a dealer option for the Toyota Hilux Surf (180 series).

Promotional video for an event to check the strength of the wheel with a punctured tire (squeeze wheel)

Off Performer XR (cast 1-piece wheel) launched.

BRADLEY-VX is installed for Toyota RAV4 and North America specifications and exported.

BRADLEY-RZ mounted on the line on the Nissan Reglas Autech.

BRADLEY-IX is available as a dealer option for the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (90 series).

Team NOK JAPON drove in Paridaka (Granada-Dakar) in conjunction with the launch of the new Terrano.

This is a new model (1995) Terrano taken the year before Paris-Dakar. The team is NOK JAPON and the wheels are BRADLEY-VX.

BRADLEY-VII (Full Forged 2 Piece Wheel) introduced.

BRADLEY-SV (Squeeze Process 1 Piece Wheel) introduced.

Launch of "Baurish" stainless steel muffler.

BRADLEY-VX is installed on the Nippon Safari Short Spirit.

BRADLEY-5-spoke model has been adopted for Daihatsu Telios as a factory installed option. Later on, it was adopted for Toyota OEM vehicles (Cami) as well.

BRADLEY-V This is a limited edition Pajero Mini.

BRADLEY-SZ is installed on the line to the Japanese Terrano O-Tec products.


Introduction of the BRADLEY-ZERO, a 3-piece wheel with forged discs and a natural diamond outer rim for a heightened design.

The BRADLEY mesh model is installed on the Toyota Hilux Surf on line.

The Toyota Land Cruiser (100 series) was launched.

The Suzuki Jimny (JB23 series) was released.

The BRADLEY-100 (1-piece squeezeprocess) was launched with the introduction of the Land Cruiser 100, with a combined PCD.

Launch of BRADLEY-EV (Full Forged 2 Piece Wheel).


Launch of the "Baurish Oil Cooler".

The Toyota Hilux Surf (N210 series) was released.


BRADLEY-dt1 (full choice 2-piece wheel with 5 round spokes) launched.

Off Performer RT-5 RT-6 (cast 1-piece wheels) launched.


29th Paris-Dakar (Euromilho-Dakar Rally), Team Ukyo (68th overall) with BRADLEY-V.

Driver Ukyo Katayama (left) and Co-Driver Naoya Saeki

The Toyota Land Cruiser (200 series) was launched.


The 20th Asian Cross Country Rally Voting Rights were held.Garage Monch (Representative: Satoshi Hamano), supported by BRADLEY, took 3rd place in T1G.

Commemorative photo at the finish line. BRADLEY-V Evolution wheels

24th Asian Cross Country Rally Voting Rights.Won the class championship with BRADLEY-V Evolution equipped Jimny and finished 3rd in T1G (Garage Monch representative, Satoshi Takeno).

The JB23 Jimny Rally specifications with BRADLEY-V Evolution. There is an episode where a puncture occurred 3km before the finish line, but the driver believed in the durability of the wheel and drove through the entire race.

Rocks (cast one-piece wheel), the second in the Air/G series, was released.