New ProductsBRADLEY FORGED Takumi’s new matte titanium bronze color.

BRADLEY FORGED Takumi's matte titanium bronze is here too!

The 16-inch BRADLEY FORGED Takumi went on sale last month in October.

Click here to see the performance and quality of BRADLEY FORGED Takumi!

Matte titanium bronze is a new color that was added to the lineup at the same time as the 16-inch model 

was released.

It is one of the few bronze colors in the BRADOLEY series, and is highly recommended.

In addition to the 16-inch wheels that are installed on the Land Cruiser 70 (HZJ77), the 17-inch wheels 

are also available in matte titanium bronze

The matte titanium bronze-bronze color is also available for the 17-inch model that was released earlier.

I have 17 inch M Matte Titanium Bronze on my 150 Prado!
The 17-inch model is now available for pre-order, and some sizes of the 16-inch model are running low on stock.

We have a relatively large inventory, so we can ship as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to hearing from you about the matte titanium bronze [BRADLEY FORGED Takumi].

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