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Our staff introduces the performance of the country suspension and 2 inch up kit for the Runkel 80!

Thank you for visiting the 4x4 Engineering blog!

Nice to meet you! Hello! My name is Sumimoto, and I'm in charge of development.

Today I would like to review the Country Suspension Kit for the Land Cruiser 80 that was recently re-released.

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself. 

I am driving a mid-range Runkle 80 diesel (HDJ81V). I enjoy camping and outdoor activities with my family, 

and while I'm not very good at off-road driving, I do participate in a few competitions, 

and enjoy the life of a Land Cruiser.
This kit will give you about 2 inches of lift in the mid to late

This product was made at a time when the Land Cruiser 80 could still be purchased new.

We have received a lot of requests from users and have decided to resell it.
The following is what the customer told us

"My mileage has increased and I want to refresh my car, but the original parts are no longer in production, 

so I'm looking for parts that are as reliable as the original."

"I bought a used car body, but I don't know what's going on with the suspension, so I want a new one.

And so on.

I would recommend this suspension to those users.
In the development process, we made many prototypes of springs and shocks and came up with the best combination.

The suspension was designed to match the stock and high quality of the Land Cruiser 80.

The suspension was developed with a great deal of care by the development team at the time.

This was pretty promising before I even put it on!
Click here for the product details page!
Installed right away. That's some serious ride height!

The tire size is 255/85R16.

First, we went for an on-road test run.

As soon as you start riding, you will be impressed by how comfortable the ride is.

It's not an exaggeration, but it's like the steps disappear! It's like the steps disappear.

It's no wonder that the Land Cruiser 80 was called the Celsior of the four-wheel drive world.
In fact, these springs are double-rated front and rear.

The soft and hard areas allow for both ride and driving comfort.

Not all inputs will be vague, and inputs that should be communicated will be properly communicated to the driver.

In other words, it's not simply a comfortable ride, but the shocks are just the right amount of stiffness to keep you on your toes.

It has a good ground contact feeling and is stable enough to turn corners.
There is no wobble when driving on the highway, and the car absorbs gaps in the road surface in a good way.

The ride quality is truly reminiscent of a luxury large SUV or luxury sedan.

I've had my family ride it, and they've been very positive about it. This is important.
Well, it felt pretty good on-road, but what about off-road?

Go to your usual test run spot!
To test it out, I'm going to try to run at a bit of a speed over a bit of a rough terrain.

The undercarriage is moving up and down violently due to the unevenness of the road surface, 

but the vehicle body remains stable and ready to run.

On flat dirt corners, you can calmly control the vehicle when it starts to slide.
Next up was moguls.

I deliberately broke in at the diagonal stack line to check the undercarriage.
It's hard to believe that the height of the car is increased by 2 inches, but the legs are stretched out.
The focus is on the compression side. You can see that the shock is fully retracted to the bump touch, 

and the stroke of the shock is fully extracted.
While ensuring the elongation to follow the road surface, the

By shrinking tightly, there is no unnecessary leaning or wobbling of the vehicle body.

The elongation side is important, but actually the contraction side is even more important.

The center of gravity is not that high, so you can control it calmly.
The ample ground contact that was present on-road can also be felt off-road.

This is a pretty good leg. I'm proud of myself.
You may be thinking, "Isn't a two-inch increase enough? Some of you may think so.
If you want to mount large diameter tires in a rock crawling situation, and also want to gain 

underbelly clearance, you can use the

I would like to raise the ride height more after regulating the bump a little, but with the current tire OD, 

a balance of 2 inches up may be optimal.

There are some very soft off-road coils out there, as well as some fancy super-lifts.

Most of the on-road performance will be sacrificed.
(*It depends on the total setting and finish, so it's hard to say.)

That may be fine if you are a dedicated off-road competition vehicle, but most of us are not. 

The reality is that more than 90% of driving is on-road.
If 10% of the off-road performance is satisfactory, but 90% of the on-road performance is stressful...

You can't enjoy a nice four-wheel drive life.
It is the driver who drives the car. It is important to keep driving information and

Reliable vehicle movement is the key to driving performance. Based on this concept, the car has both high driving

performance and comfort for daily use with the minimum amount of lift required.

This is the underlying concept of Country Suspension.
As 4x4 engineering, which is responsible for the total production of four-wheel drive

It made me realize that I need to keep this in mind when developing products in the future.

See you again in the next developer blog!

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