BRADLEYWheel customization for Jimny (JB64) Jimny Sierra (JB74) is BRADLEY!

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How about customizing wheels for Jimny (JB64) Jimny Sierra (JB74) with BRADLEY!

4x4 Engineering has two models of BRADLEY series wheels for Jimny and Jimny Sierra.

BRADLEY V and BRADLEY V EVOLUTION. This time, it will be the introduction of the vehicles installed respectively.

The left one is for Jimny Sierra (JB74) and the right one is for Jimny (JB64).

Installation size is 16x6.0J 5H139.7 inset-6 for Jimny Sierra and 16x5.5J 5H139.7 inset+22 for Jimny.
Both sizes of the BRADLEY V are custom made with a simple design that gives a sense of presence to your feet.

The BRADLEY V is also a strong performer in off-road driving.

The color lineup includes Bright Silver, Gun Metallic, Matte Black, and Pearl White.

You can customize it to match your body color!

And the other model in the lineup, BRADLEY V EVOLUTION.

The most important feature is the lightness of the wheel! This wheel is made by MAT process to realize 

light weight and high synthesis.

This is the exclusive model for Jimny and Jimny Sierra.

The lightweight and compact body of both vehicles makes them attractive for off-road driving and racing scenes.

The size lineup is 16×5.5J 5H139.7 inset+22 (Jimny) 16×5.5J 5H139.7 inset0 (Jimny Sierra JB74)

You can choose from a color lineup of Super Black, Pearl White, Matte Black, and Matte Bronze.

Both wheels are currently available in stock.

We also have in stock the lift-up suspension Country Suspension Kit for Jimny (JB64) and Jimny Sierra (JB74).

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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