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The 24th BRADLEY Cup Report!

This blog also introduces the competitions of the 24th BRADLEY Cup, which we introduced the other day.

I’m back to tell you all about the mogul driving scene!

The moguls have several camel hump-like peaks on the course, and the driving lines are at various angles.

The deepest part of the valley is as high as the hood.

The suspension stroke and driving force are important because the vehicle is traveling at an angle, and the driving line is also important.

The Land Cruiser 40 series appeared in one of the most powerful pictures, and this one is the winner of the 24th BRADLEY Cup.

Congratulations on your win!

4×4 Engineering staff also participated in the event in a Lancel 80.

Get your camera ready for one cool shot! But I was attacked by mud. LOL!

I was disappointed this time, but next year’s winner? Aim for it!

These two cars from Hokkaido were not only great cars, but the driving scenes were simply amazing.

The BRADLEY Cup has a

As the sub-name “Land Cruiser Training Meeting” suggests, the purpose of the meeting is to hone driving skills.

One of the attractions of the BRADLEY Cup is that it allows students to acquire driving skills in situations where they would not normally be able to drive.

Two current model 150 Prados are competing this year, and we look forward to seeing more current model cars in the future!

We look forward to seeing how many 150 Prados will participate next year.

This is the end of this report; the next issue will be the final one.

Please take a look!

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