4x4BlogBRADLEY V Hyper Black Color 2 is on the line.

Hyper Black 2 is the perfect choice for your custom footwear!

Hyper Black 2 was newly added to the lineup last year.

The Land Cruiser 70 (HZJ76) in the photo was a demo car for 4×4 Engineering about 20 years ago.

BRADLEY V on HZJ76 is hyper black.

Hyper Black was available in limited quantities at the time, but many people requested it.

The color has been reviewed and some sizes have been added to the regular lineup as Hyper Black 2.

Hyper Black is painted black and then a silver film is painted over it, allowing the base to show through.

The density of the black color changes depending on the degree of watermarking.

Hyper Black 2 is now in the lineup.

■Size lineup

16×7.0J 6H139.7 inset-15 (FACE4-Deep) Price: ¥48,000 (¥52,800) Reproduction size

16×8.0J 6H139.7 inset-25 (FACE4-SuperDeep) Price: ¥50,000 (¥55,000) Reproduction size

16×8.0J 6H139.7 inset+-0 (FACE4) Price: ¥50,000(¥55,000)

16×8.0J 6H139.7 inset-15 (FACE4) Price: ¥50,000(¥55,000)

16×8.5J 6H139.7 inset-30 (FACE5) Price: ¥51,000 (¥56,100)

16×8.0J 5H150 inset+-0 (FACE4) Price: ¥50,000 (¥55,000)

16×8.0J 5H150 inset-15 (FACE4) Price: ¥50,000(¥55,000)

These are the lineups.

Delivery of reissue sizes will begin soon. We look forward to hearing from you!


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