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A Anniversary model, [BRADLEY V 7040 AnniversaryModel], is now available for the Bradley V!

New product launch.

The Bradley V will be available in a Anniversary Model l!

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Land Cruiser 70 and the launch of the new Land Cruiser 70 (GDJ76),

The BRADLEY V 7040  Anniversary Model was well received at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, and is now on sale.

(16×8.0J 5H150 inset-25(FACE4Super-Deep))

The color that will be the limited model will be Ring Wheel Gray and will be exported to Land Cruiser 70 (GRJ79) in Japan and overseas.

The gray color is a tribute to the gray color of the steel wheels that are factory-installed on Land Cruiser 70/80 and other vehicles.

First, the lineup consists of four sizes at PCD:5H150.

■BRADLEY V 7040 Anniversary Model

Size Lineup

・16×6.5J 5H150 inset+25(FACE1) ListPrice:44,000yen (48,400yen)

Fits: Land Cruiser 70 (GRJ79/HZJ76) narrow body etc.

・16×8.0J 5H150 inset+-0(FACE4) ListPrice:48,000yen(52,800yen)

Fits: Land Cruiser 70 (GDJ76/GRJ76/HZJ76/VDJ78) wide body etc.

・16×8.0J 5H150 inset-15(FACE4) ListPrice:48,000yen(52,800yen)

Fits: Land Cruiser 70 (GDJ76/GRJ76/HZJ76/VDJ78) Wide Body/Rear etc.

・16×8.0J 5H150 inset-25(FACE4 Super-Deep) ListPrice:48,000yen(52,800yen)

Fits: Land Cruiser 70 (tuner size), etc.

Color: Ring wheel gray

Product delivery is scheduled to begin around the end of March 2024, and reservations are being accepted now!

We look forward to receiving your inquiries/orders.


Store Information / Overseas

Instagram is being updated.

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