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Bradley V, [BRADLEY V 7040 Anniversary Model ]’s face design that I am interested in!

Launched to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Land Cruiser 70 and the launch of the new Land Cruiser 70 (GDJ76)

【BRADLEY V 7040 Anniversary Model】。

The new “BRADLEY V 7040 Anniversary Model” is available in 4 sizes and 3 faces.

Face design varies depending on size.

We will be introducing a 3-face design that you may be interested in! The color will be Ring Wheel Gray,

Steel wheels that are factory-installed on Land Cruiser 70 (GRJ79) in Japan and Land Cruiser 70/80 exported overseas.

The deep gray color is a tribute to gray.

Click here for face design!

■16×6.5J 5H150 inset+25(FACE1)

Fits: Land Cruiser 70 (GRJ79/HZJ76) narrow body etc.

ListPrice:44,000yen (48,400yen)

■16×8.0J 5H150 inset+-0(FACE4)

Fits: Land Cruiser 70 (GDJ76/GRJ76/HZJ76/VDJ78) wide body etc.

■16×8.0J 5H150 inset-15(FACE4)

Fits: Land Cruiser 70 (GDJ76/GRJ76/HZJ76/VDJ78) Wide Body/Rear etc.


■16×8.0J 5H150 inset-25(FACE4-SuperDeep)

Land Cruiser 70 (tuner size), etc.


These are the three face designs in the lineup!

For Land Cruiser 70 5H150, narrow body to wide body size, and for users who are concerned about the surface of the vehicle.

We have a lineup of recommended tuner sizes.

Delivery is scheduled to begin around the end of March.

To those who have already ordered, please wait a little longer!

Now you can order in all sizes for the first time with the first lid.

It will be an exciting time for spring wheel customization, and we look forward to many inquiries.


Store Information / Overseas

Instagram is being updated.

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