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One of BRADLEY’s 40th anniversary projects, the Sierra Cup Campaign, starts today!

BRADLEY] will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year in 2022.

To express our gratitude for such a memorable year, we are pleased to announce our 40th anniversary campaign.

Original sierra cups will be given away with the purchase of any BRADLEY series product!

■Period: Orders placed between Friday, April 1, 2022 and Wednesday, December 28, 2022

■Contents: Order one set (4 or 5 bottles) of BRADLEY series during the period and get one original sierra cup as a free gift.

*Out of period, out of period back orders, etc. are not eligible.

■Target products: All BRADLEY series products [BRADLEY FORGED Takumi], [BRADLEY V], [BRADLEY V EVOLUTION], [BRADLEY π], [BRADLEY dt1].

It is a sierra cup with a commemorative logo on an item that is sure to be active in the outdoor scene.

We will continue to plan various product projects for the 40th anniversary of BRADLEY’s birth, so please look forward to them as well!

A special page commemorating the 40th anniversary of BRADLEY’s birth is now available on our website, so please take a look.


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